Eclipse Hotel Update

Update:  This page will not be updated after July 29.  As of that date, inexpensive rooms were still available in:

  • Omaha, Nebraska
  • Kansas City, Missouri/Kansas
  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • Nashville, Tennessee

To make reservations, click on one of the hotel links below and search by date.  If that particular hotel is unavailable, you will see a list of any other available hotels in the area.  Most remaining hotel rooms are close to but not inside the path of totality.  Therefore, you will still need to drive the morning of the eclipse.

Campsites are still available within the path of totality, and you will find a listing at this link.


Please note that some of these hotels might be near the path of totality, but not directly in it. So you might have to make a short drive from some of these hotels on Monday morning.

And to avoid shortages, don’t forget to order your eclipse glasses while they are still available and at a low price.  For more information, see my earlier post.

Update:  I also have links to available campsites, for both tents and RV’s, at this link.  For hotel options in the western U.S., please visit this link.

Lincoln, NE

Update (July 4):  The last hotel room in Lincoln is now gone.  Your best option is now to stay in Omaha and drive west on Interstate 80 early the morning of August 21.  Drive at least as far as Lincoln, but for best viewing, continue west to Grand Island or south to Beatrice.  Rooms were still available at the following Omaha hotel for about $50 per night:

Travel Inn Omaha
Travel Inn Omaha


Kansas City, MO:

As of July 18, hotels in Kansas City are filling up, and many of the hotels previously listed here are no longer available. Most rooms in Kansas City, MO, are full, but rooms are available in Kansas City, KS. Most of the remaining hotels seem to be otside the area of totality, and you will need to drive north or northeast the day of the eclipse. Note:  these hotels are close to, but might not be directly within, the eclipse path of totality.  To view the total eclipse, you will need to move to the northeast of Kansas City.  Extremely heavy traffic is expected, particularly on Interstate 35, and you will need to leave the hotel very early on the morning of August 21.  For more information on traffic predictions, please visit my Eclipse Gridlock page.

As of July 18, the following hotels are available under $100:

Arrowhead Inn

Arrowhead Inn (Use coupon code TRAVEL8)

American Motel Kansas City, Kansas

American Motel Kansas City, Kansas



Columbia, MO

Update (July 17):  The following hotel is no longer available, but by following this link and checking for availability on August 20, you will be able to see  a list of other hotels with rooms still available.

Budget Inn

Budget Inn

Jefferson City, MO:

Update (June 28): All hotels in Jefferson City now appear to be completely booked.

St. Louis, MO:

The following hotels are close to, but not necessarily within, the path of the total eclipse.  The path of totality is located southwest of St. Louis, and to view the total eclipse you may need to drive southwest the morning of August 21.  Traffic may be extremely heavy.  For predictions of eclipse driving conditions, please visit my Eclipse Gridlock page.

Motel 6 Hazelwood
Motel 6 Hazelwood

Crosslands St. Louis - Airport - N. Lindbergh Blvd.
Crosslands St. Louis – Airport – N. Lindbergh Blvd.
 (Use coupon code TRAVEL8).

Nashville, TN:

Update (July 18): As of today, rooms in Nashville are 96% booked, and only a few rooms under $100 are available, including the following:

Knights Inn Nashville - Antioch

Knights Inn Nashville – Antioch

Americas Best Value Inn-Nashville/Hermitage

Americas Best Value Inn-Nashville/Hermitage


Anderson, SC

Update:  As of July 7, all inexpensive rooms in Anderson are booked, although there are a handful for about $200 per night.  Inexpensive rooms remain in Greenville.

Greenville, SC:

Motel 6 Greenville SC

Motel 6 Greenville SC
 (Use coupon code TRAVEL8)

Columbia, SC.:

Update: As of July 17, no hotel rooms are available in Columbia, SC.  The following hotel was the last to have rooms available.  By clicking on the link, if any other rooms in the area become available, they will be listed.

Days Inn and Suite Airport West Columbia

Days Inn and Suite Airport West Columbia

Charleston, SC.: 

Update:  As of July 12, all hotels in Charleston appear to be booked.




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