Amateur Radio

You’ll find my radio-related posts at this link.  You’ll also find many posts about the history of radio.  And here are some related links from my other websites:

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  2. Stevan McQuiston


    I first saw your website when Samaritan Ministries caught my eye on When I run across anything that seems to relate to religion, I explore, hoping to find people and organizations practicing and promoting life as an adherent of Judeo-Christian beliefs. My family and I are Christians, and feel the secular world growing in strength and losing respect for traditional beliefs in general, and Jewish and Christian ways specifically. Some of that secular world are actually targeting Christians with the idea that deeply-held Christian beliefs are a form of bigotry and hatred.

    So, I am pleased to know that your are out there. Thank you for this opportunity to toss a line of recognition to a fellow traveler.

    Regards to you.

  3. Christie Russell

    I saw your information for churches and IR and saw that you are a HAM.
    Our RACES group is trying to find either an IR or FM system where we can have at least two or possibly more people be able to listen in order to scribe in a noisy EOC environment.

    Do you have any ideas what is available and where to look. We had hearing assistance in our church, but it is a little more expensive.

    Would appreciate any help.


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