1943 One-Tube Combination Code Oscillator/Regenerative Receiver

Seventy-five years ago this month, the February 1943 issue of Popular Science carried the plans for this one-tube combination receiver and code practice oscillator. The construction article, by Arthur C. Miller, noted that thousands of young men and women were learning code for civil defense purposes or prior to enlistment in the Signal Corps. A […]

1938 Two-Tube Regenerative Receiver

Eighty years ago, the January 1938 issue of Shortwave and Television magazine carried the plans for this two-tube regenerative shortwave receiver.  With plug-in coils, the set would cover 550 through 9 meters. The set used two 1.5 volt tubes: The RK42 triode served as regenerative detector, and a dual RK43 provided two stages of audio […]

1916 Regenerative Receiver

Earlier this year, we posted a diagram of a regenerative receiver from January 1916, which was probably the first construction article detailing such a receiver. The December 1916 issue of the same magazine, Electrical Experimenter, contains this diagram of an unusual regenerative set. This is basically two receivers, with the most expensive parts, the audion tube […]

1966 One Transistor Regenerative Receiver

Fifty years ago, the “Beginner’s Corner” of the November 1966 issue of Electronics Illustrated carried three circuits for basic radio receivers. The first was the crystal set, the second added one stage of audio amplification, and the third was this basic regenerative set. The tuner was a ferrite loopstick coil, which were available in abundance for […]

1936 Popular Science Regenerative Receiver

The plans for this simple one-tube regenerative shortwave receiver appeared in Popular Science 80 years ago this month, July 1936. It used a single 6C5 metal triode.  The tube, as well as the other components, are readily available, although the modern components might have a slightly different look.  According to the author, the set’s volume […]

1936 One-Tube AC-DC Regenerative Receiver

The plans for this little one-tube regenerative receiver appeared in Shortwave Craft magazine 80 years ago this month, May 1936. It runs off household current, using a 12A7 tube, which is a dual tube containing a rectifier and pentode. The rectifier supplies the B+, and the pentode is a regenerative detector. Plug-in coils are used, for […]

The Regenerative Receiver Turns 100

True to our name here at OneTubeRadio.com, we frequently feature one tube radios.  And more often than not, they are regenerative receivers.  The regenerative receiver was popular in the early days of radio because it could deliver so much performance out of a simple circuit.  The single tube, in addition to serving as the detector, […]

1943 Code Oscillator and Regenerative Receiver

Amateur station licenses weren’t being issued during the war, but the FCC continued to conduct exams and issue operator licenses. And there was a big demand for operators, both in the military and commercially, so learning Morse Code would be an important skill in 1943, and the January and March, 1943, issues of Popular Mechanics carried companion […]

1980 Version of 1920’s One Tube Regenerative Receiver

Nostalgia is nothing new, and today, we take a nostalgic look 35 years back at the November-December 1980 issue of Elementary Electronics.  That magazine was itself taking a nostalgic look back at the early days of radio with a construction article for this one-tube regenerative receiver, similar to the circuits in use in the 1920’s. The […]