1937 5 Meter Transmitter

1937AprRadioNewsShown here on the cover of the April 1937 issue of Radio News is E.M. Walker, W2MW, at the mike of his 5 meter transmitter, the construction details of which are found in the magazine. The set was billed as ideal for the ham who couldn’t afford a crystal controlled rig for the super highs, since he reported many reports of the signal being comparable to crystal control. The transmitter itself for CW consisted of two 6L6 tubes. The accompanying modulator used four tubes, two push-pull 6L6’s along with a 6F6 and 6CF serving as audio preamplifiers.

The transmitter was very compact, with the RF portion and modulator each mounted in 14x7x8 cabinets.

The author stressed the importance of care in winding the oscillator coils, and noted that some experimentation might be necessary to get them right on frequency.

Schematics of RF section (left) and modulator (right).

Schematics of RF section (left) and modulator (right).

2 thoughts on “1937 5 Meter Transmitter

  1. Kurt W Zimmerman

    I find this rather amazing. W2MW IS my Grandfather. I have his call, W2MW. What I find rather interesting about this cover is my Grandfather was a CW man. As long as I knew he playing radio I never once saw him get on the phone portions of the band. Always CW and always on 40m where he had a regular schedule with George Betterson – W2GB. Thanks for sharing.

    Kurt Walker Zimmerman – W2MW (MW Milton Walker)

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