Walgreen’s Aetna Midget Radio, 1940


Someone looking for an inexpensive radio 75 years ago could head to Walgreen’s, where this 4-tube model could be had for $7.95. It’s shown here in the Milwaukee Journal for March 28, 1940,¬†where it’s billed as the “ideal ‘extra’ radio for your home.”

This set had the Aetna brand name, which was Walgreen’s house brand for radios. The actual manufacturing was done by various radio manufacturers, most of which were in the Chicago area. This radio would probably remain in service for the duration of World War 2. After the U.S. entered the war the next year, the War Production Board ended the production of civilian radio receivers, as of April 22, 1942. With no replacements available, the owners of sets, even as humble as this one, had incentive to keep them in operating condition.

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