1977 Indoor CB Antenna


For the woman shown in this picture, from an ad in the May-June 1977 issue of Elementary Electronics, the CB was probably her connection with the outside world, and her social life probably revolved around the good buddies she met on the air.  She was probably a REACT member, and used her CB to help motorists in need.

But she had a big problem when she moved into a new apartment where outside antennas were not allowed.  Fortunately, Hustler came to the rescue with this indoor CB antenna, dubbed the “Homing Pigeon.” According to the ad, this antenna was the answer to operating the CB from any location, such as a condominium, office, home, apartment, or motel. The spring-loaded antenna required no installation, and was supported by the floor and ceiling “like a pole lamp.” According to the ad, the range was “equal or superior to better mobile installations.”

Of course, the construction of the building probably played the biggest factor. Such an antenna would probably work well from a wood-frame house. From a building made of steel, it probably wouldn’t work quite so well. In this installation, placing the antenna next to the ductwork probably didn’t help.  But this was probably outweighed by getting it next to the exterior wall, and she probably got out pretty well in that direction.

When I worked for Radio Shack in an earlier lifetime, we sold a similar antenna, a half-wave coaxial antenna which sold for $34.95.  It was billed as “New for ’79” in the 1979 Radio Shack catalog.

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