1920 Ad for Maxim Silencer

On my way to looking up something else, I found the following advertisement for the Maxim Silencer in a 1920 issue of Popular Science.

1920 Ad for the Maxim Silencer

1920 Ad for the Maxim Silencer


To Amateur Radio Operators, Hiram Percy Maxim is best known as the founder of the ARRL.  But he was also the inventor of the first commercially viable silencer for firearms, and the same techniques were adapted to automobile mufflers.  In fact, Maxim Silencers, Inc., is still in business producing silencers for industrial equipment.

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2 thoughts on “1920 Ad for Maxim Silencer

  1. Michaelkict

    By any chance does anyone know what the threads measured on the inlet of the silencer? I have a Carcano rifle which is threaded for something and I am trying to figure out what.

  2. find-way-net

    Offhand, I m not sure. I haven t found much additional information on the Maxim silencers since they effectively disappeared in 1934 with the NFA tax, there isn t much knowledge of them still around.


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