Moon Mission Update

According to the LuxSpace blog, the 4M-LXS spacecraft is not about one light-second away from Earth, meaning that it takes one second for the signals to reach earth.  The blog also reports that the messages being sent from the spacecraft are about to cycle, meaning that all messages have been sent once, and will now repeat.

This means that the W0IS.COM URL has been transmitted from space once.  Since the earth stations seem to be collectively copying 100%, it is likely that the signal has been received.  We have not yet received any reception report.   Since LuxSpace is running a contest for stations to report the number of messages received, this information is not yet being published.  We are confident, however, that the message has been transmitted from the spacecraft to Earth, and continue to seek verification.

One thought on “Moon Mission Update

  1. Fernando Costarelli

    Hi !!

    This was received at my ham station at Cordoba Argentina FF78VN

    000400 5 -21 3.535 35 3* W0IS.COM 1 0 0.0

    Fernando LU1HKO


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