Eating Without Money Part 3: The Free Food Arrives

My free food, courtesy of Amazon.

My free food, courtesy of Amazon.

I’ve been rather busy the last week, and didn’t get a chance to really open it until today, but my free food arrived last week.  Tomorrow will be my day to subsist on this food and nothing else.

Mornings can be hectic, so tonight, I made a batch of pancakes and put them in the freezer.  In the morning, I can simply put them in the toaster.  I’ll also make some sausage for breakfast.

The brick of Cafe La Llave espresso coffee smells good, and I loaded the coffee maker and set the timer. I tasted the Agave Nectar, and it should work very well as pancake syrup. The taste was quite similar to honey.

The sausage sampler proved to be a good deal. The description wasn’t clear on the exact portion size, but each sausage is eight ounces, for a full pound of meat, in addition to the crackers and mustard. So I should be well set for both breakfast and lunch.

The lemonade mix proved to be quite expensive, since this package makes only two quarts. But it will easily last me the day, and was the least expensive beverage I could find. Interestingly, it did include the whisk shown on the Amazon picture.

Unlike my experience during the SNAP challenge, when my $26.01 worth of food lasted me a whole week, this experiment will last only one day.  Since I have much more than I’ll need for that time, I won’t have to jealously hoard my food as I did during the SNAP challenge, and my family will also get to experience eating without spending money.  They will be able to eat other things as well, but they’ll be able to know what my free food tastes like.  And it looks like I have plenty of free food to go around.

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