Hammarlund HQ-129X, Four-20, and Two-11: 1947


This typical 1947 ham is shown at the mike of her well equipped (apparently ‘phone only) station, consisting of all Hammarlund equipment.  According to the ad, her Four-20 transmitter and accompanying Four-11 modulator are giving her solid R9+ reports from China, Argentina, Hawaii, and Australia.  And she’s pulling them all in with her HQ-129-X receiver.

She wasn’t a QRO operator, however.  The Four-20’s final was the venerable 807 tube, and the rig ran about 20 watts.  And there’s no sign of a VFO, so she was crystal controlled on whatever frequency she used.  But the Hammarlund name and the YL voice were good for several S-units, and I bet she put a lot of DX in the log.  The ad appeared in the October 1947 issue of Radio News.

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