1977 President CB


Forty years ago this month, the September-October 1977 issue of Elementary Electronics carried this ad showing a typical CB’er at the mike of her President CB rig, from President Electronics, Inc., of Irvine, California. While the ad doesn’t tell why she’s on the radio, she’s undoubtedly engaged in some form of public service, such as providing motorist assistance as a REACT member. But the ad makes clear that she does know that every single President radio is thoroughly tested, and doesn’t leave the factory if not working perfectly. She also knows that the radio was engineered with quality features such as variable mike gain and a sophisticated compression circuit to give her maximum “talk power.”

According to the ad, the set contains a gigantic “100 mm” digital channel readout. It’s unclear exactly how they are measuring this, since the digits don’t look four inches tall.

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