Loss of the Submarine USS F-4, 1915.

The first submarine deaths of the U.S. Navy predated U.S. involvement in the First World War by about two years. The USS F-4, originally named the Skate, was lost in the waters off Honolulu 100 years ago today, March 25, 1915, with the loss of all 21 men aboard.

An investigating board concluded that corrosion of the lead battery tank had allowed sea water to seep into the battery compartment. Other theories involved a faulty valve or problems with air lines supplying the ballast tank. Whatever the cause, the sub was lost on a routine training mission a hundred years ago today.

The ship was recovered a few months later. Only four of the dead could be identified. The other 17 were buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

The following men gave their lives in the service of their country a hundred years ago today.  Links go to an individual memorial page at OnEternalPatrol.com.

George Thomas Ashcroft
Clark George Buck
Earnest Clement Cauvin
Harley Colwell
Walter Frank Covington
George Luther Deeth
Alfred Louis Ede
Frederick Gillman
Aliston Hills Grindle
Frank Nephi Herzog
Edwin Sylvester Hill
Francis Marion Hughson
Albert Florian Jenni
Archie Hovis Lunger
Ivan Lenore Mahan
Horace Linken Moore
William Severin Nelson
Timothy Albert Parker
Frank Charles Pierard
Charles Harris Wells
Henry A. Withers



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