Nazi Conscription Comes to America, But Without Much Luck


This AP article appeared in a number of American newspapers on June 28, 1939. It is shown here as it appeared in the Borger (Texas) Daily Herald.  It can also be found in the Milwaukee Journal along with some additional detail.

The German consulate in Cleveland (and probably other consulates) had issued a  proclamation” ordering 19-year-old “Reich citizens” in the United States to register with the consulate for compulsory military and labor service under the Reich on or before July 15, 1939.

Apparently, a copy of the proclamation had been forwarded to the German-American Turner Society in Detroit in order to communicate  it to the men required to register. The society objected, and stated that it resented “the assumption on the part of Reich officials that we will take any part in helping them carry on their work.”

It is unlikely that very many “Reich citizens” residing in the United States complied with the proclamation.

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